The voice of a generation… If only she would speak up.

The hero of our story. She’s a college dropout and author who aspires to be a professional novelist. She is often her own worst enemy, struggling with depression and social anxiety, and the prospect of turning 30 without realizing her true potential. Marta maintains an avid interest in movies, musicals, books and art. Oh, and her main vice in life, coffee.

Age: 29 | Height: 6’0″ |Birthdate: March 14th | Sign: Pisces


The free-spirit with the iron will!

Marta’s younger half-sister, Nita, is all about doing anything she can for her family. Though at times she can be emotional and overreact, she makes up for it with her tenacity and unyielding positivity! Nita prides herself with being Marta’s greatest accomplice and will defend her title with force if need be!

Age: 24 | Height: 5’7″ | Birthdate: June 28th | Sign: Cancer



The beautiful rock star, a legend in the making.

Silvia is a rebel; A reflection of the music she performs when not working at the library cafe. She has also become the focus of Marta’s life now, it seems.

Age: 27 | Height: 5’6″ | Birthdate: October 2nd | Sign: Libra


The mysterious man from the café.

Adam is stuck somewhere between the past and the present. A traumatic event has caused him to withdraw into his dilapidated cafe on Main Street, shut down emotionally and become a shell of his former self. The only clues Marta has to unlocking this enigmatic persona are a family portrait, a gold pin and a rusty old axe…

Age: 31 | Height: 6’5″ | Birthdate: December 18th | Sign: Sagittarius