With that, we bring chapter 2 to a close.

Initially, Adam was not to appear at all in chapter 2; Instead he was to make his appearance in the first half of chapter 3 as Marta’s antagonist. I find myself bringing new characters in earlier than intended as I write more chapters, and it seems to work better that way. With Adam, I think this added an element of danger to Marta’s lifestyle. A hidden, elusive threat waits for her in some form, and it’s most certainly going to come from Adam.

We’ll need to wait until next year when chapter 3 premiers to find out just who this man is, and more importantly what he wants.

One thing I can say about chapter 3 is that it’s long, by my standardsAbout 57 pages to be exact. That’s longer than chapter 1 and 2 combined, and it’s totally necessary. A few new players will be introduced and I can’t wait for you to meet them.

So far this comic has been a fun lesson in developing characters and writing drama between them. It has also been a struggle to stay dedicated and regimented in my approach, making sure that I’m preparedĀ better each time I do a new chapter.

A special shout out to Meg (@Megtroid on twitter) for helping me in the last half of this chapter on the coloring — She’s been fundamental in the success of bringing this chapter to a close and advising me on Nita’s quirky moments. Look forward to seeing more great things from her and from the story!

That’s it for now! Thank you to every reader out there, we’ll have some extras lined up for you in the coming months up until chapter 3 begins in January. I hope you’ll enjoy it!