…And I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.

The namesake of this post comes from a great song by Saves the Day: https://youtu.be/W02eHczRKOw

Let’s say if you had infinite time and patience, you could theoretically go back through all the page titles and find quite a few song references. I create playlists for each character, mostly made up of songs that remind me of them or their experiences in the story. I also tend to associate particular bands and artists with each character. It gets me pumped to work on pages!

For those interested, here’s Marta’s ever-changing playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTl3eB_rdlJ28hJoNxWEIolzfT4xBZ0qS

Originally this page was going to consist of Marta at the library front desk, out of breath, handing in her short story submission — Only to be told that she could have emailed it in. Not only did I find that really boring to draw, it wasn’t necessary. This comic isn’t about slapstick or shenanigans (excluding Nita with that statement).

It’s about connections between people.

With that in mind, I decided it was best to start with Marta recounting her events during a conversation with Silvia, complete with a bubblegum backdrop and a dopey grin. It’s way more refreshing to give Marta time with Silvia rather than an endless marathon of screw-ups.

I’m sure Marta will find a way to make the latter happen regardless.