>Eats entire package of Oreos in one sitting.

Now that I’ve figured out how to include blog posts on every comic page (I had to check in a little box nested in the brambles of WordPress), I’ll be including them regularly. Basically this means you’ll see more stuff here about the comic, and less on my twitter.

I find myself pulling from my own mannerisms and lifestyle when it comes to writing Marta’s character (i.e., eating cookies with unbridled enthusiasm). Peppering in bits of your own personality quirks does wonders for characters, especially in the “slice of life” genre (Which I don’t consider this comic to belong to exclusively).

Also, hey, I love breaking panels (Having the characters push beyond the panel’s borders). A big focus of this comic is the art (which I’m usually never happy with), so it tends to take center stage over dialogue a lot of the time. Both are important, and I’m quite aware that improving each aspect is necessary.

I’ll also include some sketches/doodles here every so often, so I hope you look forward to the additional content headed your way.