Nita’s first appearance came in about 10 pages earlier than in the original version. I was really interested in having Marta’s existence thrown into turmoil on all fronts and having this happen earlier in the story rather than having her trudging along in isolation. We can assume that Marta has been dealing with a lot of isolation prior to the beginning of the story, and this isn’t necessarily something that we had to see. Instead we start the story on the very day Marta has a turning point in her story.

Nita was originally going to be Marta’s feisty 14-year-old sister, but I personally felt limited by making her that young. I decided to make their age difference 4 years so they could both relate easier.

You’ll notice a couple of traits I try to maintain in the current pages, such as Nita being barefoot most of the time and her iconic Indian-inspired fashion. Nita has always had a fondness for Indian culture ever since her father had brought her back some souvenirs when she was very young.

I’m not sure that I did too well rendering authentic Indian cuisine in this page, as I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any and based it solely off of photos…