Did I mention that Marta can draw also? In addition to being a writer she enjoys doing little sketches of her characters and settings in her stories. She picked up this technique from one of her college friends in one of her literature classes, ever since she’s been doodling away. Of course as time went on, she started drawing people from observation and learning that she could also… Draw her own smut.

Here though, she’s decided to do a tasteful tribute to Silvia. This of course, stems from one of my own personal experiences in high school where I drew Meg during our math class (she did not know until I showed her later). I find that little bits of my own experiences do filter through into the story, especially when it has to do with Marta’s personality.

This page aligns with the design aesthetic I’m trying to push in later pages; There’s a focus on close-ups, expressions and full-body illustrations of characters. As much as I want to do grand, sweeping one-point perspective shots a la Stanley Kubrick, it doesn’t necessarily translate well into the comic medium. Intimate moments like these really benefit from close and personal “camera work”.