Silvia is a character who had a very simple origin in the Bad For Sleep protoype. She was Marta’s love interest that didn’t really amount to much more than that. After doing a few re-writes and re-designs with her character, I moved her into a more prominent section of the storyline. To me it followed that someone who Marta admires, we should admire too.

Inspired by The Pretenders’ frontwoman Chrissie Hynde and John Romita Jr.’s take on Mary Jane Watson from the 1999-2003 Spider-Man comics, Silvia became a tenacious, talented, leather-clad beauty with a sly smile and dreamy eyes. I wanted her to have a distinctive presence and have her own goals that she wanted to accomplish, just as Marta does. They’ll find that they both need each other to achieve their dreams.

When I first did this page, I had the usual assortment of Marta’s thought boxes arranged haphazardly on the page, but it didn’t read well. It felt forced and unnecessary. After removing all of the text, I found that I was left with something unique, a graceful moment where time stood still.