Marta and her mom have a kind of friendship that is built on an unspoken bond of mutual understanding. The way I see it, Marta has always been sensitive and Sophie as done her best to facilitate her daughter’s needs. Marta on the other hand, has seen the hardships Sophie has endured when it comes to relationships she has had in the past with men, and tries her best not to trouble her mother.

They’re both pretty open with each other, although it seems Marta has been hesitant revealing the fact that she digs ladies — Even though her mom outright says it’s okay if she did.

Marta’s stepfather, who we will not meet for some time, is the one who bought this house for Marta’s family. I can’t reveal any specifics about him, but he’s found success in overseas business and is kind enough to provide for his family… But still, Sophie would rather leave in a more meager setting if it meant he could be home with them.

Marta likes coffee, this much is certain, but I’d imagine she’s particular about it — No instant coffee, no sugar or flavors (hazelnut is okay sometimes), and brewing it right after grinding is a must. She first got into drinking coffee in high school, when she was in honors literature class. From college onward she drank copious amounts of french roast and slept very little, hoping to write a novel before graduating. After almost 11 years from the start of her first college class, she has not yet completed a manuscript.