It’s kind of difficult starting off on exactly the right foot when it comes to certain outward character traits that will be present throughout a series. I never really went into Marta talking out loud to herself beyond this page. It seemed like a good way to go at first, but I quickly decided to keep her thoughts up in her head.

One of Marta’s defining character traits is her long-winded and poetic thoughts. She often gets swept up in her own musings, and we get front row seats to watch it come out. However, as distinctly articulate as her thoughts are, her spoken dialogue is simple and awkward. This contrasting dynamic in how she expresses herself emphasizes that she is more comfortable thinking about what she wants to say rather than saying it.

This page also marks Marta’s mother’s first appearance. Sophie was going to appear in the first version of the comic as a controlling and negative force in Marta’s life — Sophie is the direct opposite. She’s warm, lovely, and supportive: the perfect complement to Marta’s sensitive nature. I’m looking forward to revealing more about Sohpie’s character later down the line.