Fun fact: Marta’s last name in the original comic was Rosevale, but I opted for the simpler, more realistic-sounding Rosen in this version. Marta’s name means “The Lady”, so naturally this page is called “The Lady Rosen”. Play-on words, hidden meanings and song titles all make appearances as titles for pages.

The tone overall has shifted since the original version of the story; Rather than the whacked-out aggression of the old pages, we have a more colorful, hopeful expression. Marta is partially upset by her circumstances, but also comfortable knowing that she has a family that she can rely on when times are hard.

Maybe this was all because of personal evolution and reflection that I was able to create a more mature, focused take on the story. Whatever the case, Marta was now fabulous enough to conjure up pink rose petals on command to smite her enemies and bewitch the ladies with her infinite charm.