A recurring motif was established for the first time here — Almost every chapter will begin with Marta dragging herself out of bed. Establishing themes for each character would become a major focus for me in this new re-launched version of the comic; Marta is a good-natured, lazy, horny, coffee-addicted space case — and I wanted to make sure the audience knew that.

There’s an idea of simplicity here and it’s inherent in the story; If you make your characters simple and well-defined, they’ve got a stronger identity. Compared to the original version of her character, Marta is more well-defined; In the first few pages, we see exactly why she has dragged herself out of bed despite all of her shortcomings. Her determination stems from two simple desires:

Realize her full creative potential and get the girl.

This version starts nearly in media res; Rather than begin when Marta is struggling trying to make a living in her old college apartment in a romantic battle for integrity, we see her having been humbled, in a bohemian funk after the storm. We see a gentler, post-conflict Marta, who is now in the process of looking for the pieces to rebuild herself.