And so it begins… Again.

BAD FOR SLEEP originated from my personal experiences with anxiety, depression and isolation. Essentially I had developed this story as a way for me to cope with these issues and move on. Marta, the main character, is my self-insert, for sure, but she is also generalized enough to be a stand-in for any reader. This is reflected in her androgynous appearance, which I was mindful of incorporating from the very beginning.

This comic started in it’s original form in early February 2014. In the original version, Marta was an aspiring playwright. She was still living in an apartment close to her college and she was stuck; Too ashamed to move back home and too headstrong to quit pursuing her dreams, she was a somewhat more abrasive personality than what I developed for the second go-around.

After I lost interest in the aimless direction of the plot in the first attempt at the story and became dissatisfied with the equally ambiguous art style I was developing, I took a break over the summer of that year… Then, I began reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. This was the catalyst for the change in both the art style and tone of the story.

Marta finally decided to wake up.